Sleep Comfort Adjustable Beds

Mix and Match Frames and Mattresses for Superior Comfort

The Sleep Comfort company specializes in a wide range of popular adjustable bed models designed for any budget and for any sleep situation. Suffer insomnia? How about problems snoring or with sleep disorders, or have difficulties getting comfortable with neck or back pain?

Making your sleep zone as comfortable as possible solves a big part of the insomnia problem, many sleep specialists claim. A critical part of sleep hygiene may be addressed with the inclusion of a Sleep Comfort bed. Put together a flexible set of frame and mattress solutions that target exactly your sleep problems.

3 Types of Mattresses to Choose From

Sleep Comfort.

Three types of mattresses manufactured today may be used for both traditional flat bed frames and adjustable frames. Those types must be malleable enough to mold to the mechanics of the mechanized frames. So not all mattresses will do.

  • The Custom Inner Spring mattress built for an adjustable bed frame remains one of the most popular choices among Sleep Comfort customers. Expect the mattress to feel fairly similar to your traditional flat inner spring mattress.
  • Memory Foam mattresses are one of the more luxurious choices for an adjustable bed. Made of a visco-elastic material these dense foam mattresses conform to your body’s contours to counter discomfort and pain that can really interfere with your sleep.
  • Talalay Latex Mattresses are made of a dense plastic material engineered in a mold and freeze process that sets the foam for just the right firmness. The resulting mattress is pliable and provides a sophisticated level of support with the adjustable bed frame.

Types of Sleep Comfort Adjustable Frames

Sleep Comfort adjustable bed frames come in 3 models and in a more expansive size range than you might expect:

  • The Budget adjustable frame is remote controlled and packaged with very basic features, including two motors for lift, but is relatively devoid of frills.
  • Model I Sleep Comfort frame is quite a bit more feature-packed versus its budget competitor: remote controlled with dual motors, built-in massage with timer, set a number of custom bed settings with a digital program, level the bed back out via one push button.
  • Wall-Hugger is the top of the line Sleep Comfort bed frame, featuring a variable number of programmable settings, a dual massage feature with timer, 90-day warranties, and the ability to quickly level the bed with one button.

Bed sizes are twin, full, queen, dual queen, king, dual king, California king (4 inches slimmer in width than a traditional king, but 4 inches longer), dual California king, and dual Texas king (4 inches longer than a traditional king).

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