Stop Snoring

Cures and Treatments that Manage Snoring

Over the generations a dizzying array of stop snoring devices, aids, products and other solutions have been invented, devised, cobbled together, and utilized.

Some are medically sound and effective, but some have been homemade and even absurd.

Boyfriend Snoring.

Types of Anti-Snoring Solutions

The various types of stop snoring solutions on the market today fall into the following categories:

  • Anti-snoring products and devices
  • Snoring treatments
  • Surgical solutions and cures

Anti-Snoring Products and Devices

If you’re out to kick the snoring habit and you’re sure you suffer from a mild form and not serious sleep apnea, you’ll find quite a few products on the market that aid in snoring cessation:

  • Nasal breathing strips
  • Nasal sprays act as inflammatory medications and open nasal passages
  • Oral devices commonly called snoring mouthguards or mandibular advancement devices have had some success positioning the jaw and tongue so the airway can remain open and you can be relieved of snoring. Some products have been restricted by the FDA
  • Snoring earplugs.

Snoring Treatments

Actual cures are rare, but between behavioral and lifestyle, and a few unique alternative treatments, you can effectively curb the habit:

  • Change sleep position
  • Lose weight
  • Limit alcohol at night
  • Establish a routine sleep schedule, follow good sleep hygiene
  • Hypnosis
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) a natural plant-derived compound added to nasal sprays is believed to be an inflammatory aid that helps open up constricted and narrow sinus passages.

Surgical Solutions and Snoring Cures

As a last resort there are a few surgical procedures that have nearly solved the snoring problem. In most cases you must be deemed a serious case, maybe a high risk for health problems due to sleep apnea. Here are a few types of surgical cures:

  • Somnoplasty – near the back of your mouth is the soft palate, also where the uvula and tonsils are located. A somnoplasty procedure removes a bit of the soft palate, which may open an otherwise narrow airway, curing or relieving snoring symptoms.
  • Removal of the uvula – medically called a uvulopalatoplasty.

Some people also tend to snore more and/or louder as they gain weight. A simple non-surgical solution for that is weight loss, but doing that sustainably often requires a significant chainge in lifestyle.

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