Rozerem as and Aid to Sleeplessness

Uses and Benefits for Insomnia Sufferers

Rozerem, aka ramelteon, is a brandname sleep aid that promises a next generation treatment in the fight against insomnia. Takeda Pharmaceuticals manufactures Rozerem and hopes to win more loyal followers with the improvements. Other prescriptions may help fight insomnia, but they pack side effects and risks like addiction and are easily overdosed.

Rozerem vs. Other Prescription Sleep Aids

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Rozerem, says Takeda, is different. First it’s different in mechanism and second it counts far fewer risks for abuse and dependency.

How it works:

Other prescription sleep aids—the benzodiazepines and the non-benzos—work primarily to stimulate the GABA receptor, which is the gateway for increased sleep-inducing chemicals in your brain. This works. But Rozerem, or ramelteon, actually triggers melatonin production, the natural juice of your biological clock. Under normal circumstances melatonin in your brain is increased and decreased along a rhythmic 24-hour cycle known as the circadian rhythm. When your sleep is interrupted this melatonin production is also disrupted. Around 9 p.m. most normal adults on a natural sleep-wake cycle begin to feel an increase in relaxation and even drowsiness. This is due to a rise in melatonin in response to light cues that enter the eyes and register nightfall. But for sleep onset insomnia sufferers, melatonin production is delayed, in turn delaying sleep and elongating sleep latency.

With Rozerem you have a treatment that closely simulates the natural cycle.

Rozerem Uses

Rozerem remains most well-suited to individuals that struggle with sleep onset insomnia when they have trouble going to sleep at the beginning of the night. The short half-life of the drug restricts its usefulness certainly for late insomnia and may impede its use for middle insomnia.

Another added benefit is Rozerem’s unrestricted use. Most other prescription sleep aids have restricted licenses keeping them viable as treatments for no more than 2 weeks in many cases. Why? The potency and mechanism in other sleep medications packages in risks for dependency and other problems that Rozerem does not have.

Risks and Side Effects

This is not say that Rozerem is without side effects. There can be a host of drug interactions that impede its use. But don’t expect dependency to be one of them, and no risks of withdrawal with prolonged use.

However, follow all dosage instructions and only use under the supervision of a physician.

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