Insomnia CDs

Therapeutic Sound, Guided Relaxation, and Hypnosis

Relaxation, meditation and hypnosis are fast becoming popular alternative treatments for insomnia and not just among the New Age crowd. Neuroacoustic therapy using carefully spun music is proving effective at aiding many troubled sleepers. Even mainstream business has begun to tout the power of hypnosis beyond the level of entertainment. But sometimes learning how to relax, teaching yourself how to meditate and self-hypnosis becomes more like work and less like relaxing. To those ends you’ll discover a mother lode of insomnia CDs all designed to lull you back into Dreamland whether through music or relaxation and meditation.

Deep Relaxation CDs

There is a school of thought that believes chronic insomnia becomes habitual, based on a rewiring of the sleep cycle and “beliefs” you develop about sleep, ie “I’ll have nightmares,” or “I’m afraid it will take me 3 hours to go to sleep tonight.” The constant anxiety about sleep that can grow from temporary insomnia symptoms can often be relieved once you harness the power to totally relax your mind and body.

Dean Raskin's The Journey.

Deep relaxation CDs range from guided relaxation technique—Just Relax – Relaxing to Sleep—which combine spoken words with “sound therapy” designed to tug you successively deeper into sleep, to instrumental music creations, such as The Journey – Deep Relaxation, which provide soothing and pleasing sounds and work to create an atmosphere that inspires relaxation and relief free from spoken words.

The field of research devoted to neuroacoustic sound therapy is devoted to the use of music and sounds as therapeutic tools applicable to a variety of psychological problems. Music CDs promoting sleep are based on this concept—that music and soundscape can be designed as viable therapy for insomnia sufferers. A good example of neuroacoustic therapeutic music applied to insomnia is The Traveler’s Sleep Kit CD. Here is a music CD designed to create “soundscapes” that strategically offset the very common temporary insomnia suffered by many travelers.

Insomnia Audio Books

Audio books teach you how to control insomnia, learn relaxation, learn hypnosis and find out why you can’t sleep. Their goal, like Deepak Chopra’s Deep Sleep audio book, is to help you discover why you can’t sleep, urging you to work through insomnia and get beyond the short-term medications that mask deeper mind and body problems. You’ll find a wide variety of these types of products some that are designed around the themes of ancient spiritual practices, others on modern relaxation techniques.

Guided Meditation and Hypnosis CDs

When you don’t know how to lead yourself in structured meditation search for “guided meditation” CDs and audio books. In fact you’ll also find a number of similar products designed specifically for children.

Guided hypnosis CDs are not hocus-pocus stuff, but serious therapies aimed at lulling you into a hypnotic trance-state (a lot like daydreaming) in which you are available to suggestion. Neuro-linguistic programming has found a loyal following in almost every area of life. NLP can be successfully applied to business, finance, weight loss, addictions, and insomnia.

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